Thursday, August 12, 2010


Remember when I said "trust me... changes are coming,"?

Well... voilà! My new banner is complete, and as such, I was able to redesign and update the blog to match.

I hope Vidyala puts up a run-through of this entire process, like she did for Rhidach. It really was awesome watching a black-and-white sketch turn into something much greater. Of course, sitting in awe after downloading every e-mail attachment, seeing how our ideas were blending together and turning into something so vivid and tangible; that part never got old.

She even stuck with me when I was nitpicky about the expression on the ret's face! At first he was a bit stoic, merely holding his axe out as if to say, "I am a blood elf paladin. I have seen many battles. Here is my weapon of all-righteous retribution." I was looking for something a little more true-to-digital-self.

The following is actually an excerpt from an e-mail I sent her, addressing this issue:

One thing: would it be possible to maybe tense him up? Flex the arms a bit, clench the teeth, something along those lines? He looks a little relaxed, and when a ret paladin relaxes, the trolls yell "Faceroll!", and we have to see the Therapists of the Holy Light.

Seriously, those guys say they're all about "respect, tenacity, and compassion," but as soon as your hour is up, BAM!, they put you out on your ass. I might just take my 100g/hr somewhere else.

I just wanted to thank Vidyala immensely for this entire project; your cooperation, patience, and remarkable skills will not be forgotten! If anyone reading this would like something similar done, go visit her blog, Pugging Pally, or follow her on Twitter, (@_vidyala), and inquire about a commission for yourself!


  1. The whole thing looks awesome!

  2. Vid does it again! She's an expert now at making belf pallies look I have to say. New layout looks awesome too, bud!