Saturday, August 7, 2010

Because Even Rets Can Appreciate Beauty

Leveling weapon skills sucks. Especially when they're 1/400.

I found this guy and decided to see if I could create peace between our peoples...

After an intense 15 minute bout, my Two-Handed Mace skill was at 350, and Mr. Walker here was at half health.

After about twenty minutes, I think he just died of boredom. I got back from my "AFK Sandwich" run to find him keeled over, cleft in twain (ahhh, second time I've been able to use that phrase!).

On a related note, Crystalsong Forest is depressingly unused and forgotten by most players, and even Blizzard themselves it seems. Why are there Sunreavers and Silver Covenant outposts? There's so much potential in this zone; I mean, just look at how awesome this screenshot looks:

The white background of this blog isn't the best backdrop, but trust me, it's GORGEOUS.

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  1. I read somewhere once that they had intended to use Crystalsong more but Dalaran ended up being a complete memory hog and stealing all the yummy bits from the zone. Anything they tried to add made the game slow down.

    Its a shame, because its so darn pretty. :(