Thursday, August 12, 2010

Many Tombs! Handle It!

Progress (n), according to, unabridged: a movement toward a goal or to a further or higher stage; growth or development; continuous improvement. 

If you had asked me on the seventh wipe to 25-man heroic Sindragosa last night if I thought we were progressing, the answer would've been a hesitant "not really." Sure, there were air phases when people wouldn't die to frost bombs (I stupidly ate two frost bombs for reasons too unimportant and whiny to go into), but generally, each air phase was accompanied by held breaths and crossed fingers. We were at the same place we have been on Sindy since I've joined the guild; not a very encouraging showing.

I'm not sure if it was the "last attempt" call, or if eight is a lucky number, or if the planets were at syzygy (real word!), but suddenly everything clicked, we put our progression pants on and triumphantly marched into phase 2, getting the Queen of the Frostbrood down to 22%!

I am filled to the brim with pride that our 25-man group, rather than give up on the last attempt in order to 'get it over with' quicker, gave it our all and showed that we really do belong here.

She's as good as dead next week, I'm calling it right now!


  1. Sindy can be a huge challenge - but the mechanics of the fight are very simple. Once everyone figures them out (which is sounds like happened!), you should be well on your way to a kill!

    Good Luck :)

    (if you are looking for any tips or tricks, I did a heroic Sindy write up a few weeks back that might be helpful!).