Thursday, May 27, 2010

In Soviet Russia, Boss Raids You!

I was reading a bit over on Pugging Pally (which is a great site, especially for those of us who are so deep into level 80 stuff that we forget that we ever leveled a paladin and had to gear it up) and I came across the following:

Everyone ready? One, two, three... ROFL.

The website was blocked to protect those that would actually, for some reason, go to it.


  1. Ugh. My site has terrible ads on it? Where are they! I must purge them.

    Nonetheless, your post reminded me of the first time we were pulling trash past Saurfang. One of those big aboms kept yanking my ranged self at right in the middle of a cast, causing me much indignation. I said, "What the heck is this?" and our holy paladin piped up, "In Soviet Icecrown, the mobs pull you!"

    That must have been why such an ad would have been on my site. :D

    Thanks for the mention in any case, and sorry about the spam!

  2. Haha that is PERFECT timing on your guildie's part, kudos to them. And don't worry about the spam, it is quite hilarious.

    "Yes, my guild is stuck on heroic Deathwhisper, could we get some professionals in here? ... HOW MUCH DO YOU WANT??!! Ok, screw it, I'll just buy my heroic Ahn'Kahar Onyx Neckguard please."