Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Joys of Coercion

With the 20% ICC buff now live, my 10-man and I waltzed into ICC with our warlock's old raid ID that had everything clear except Sindragosa and the Lich King and, after a few "Oh my God, how does this fight go again?" wipes, we finally downed heroic 10m Sindragosa! Better yet, we went on to LK to do Been Waiting a Long Time for This and downed it on our second try! Now all we have left are normal-mode achievements and the drakes are ours'! This paragraph needs more exclamation marks!!!
In other news, my druid hit 80 on Monday night! Boomkin DPS is quite fun; my numbers on trash are through the roof and, since trash DPS is what people seem to care about most, I haven't been kicked from any heroics yet for having a 3.2k GearScore.

And one more thing: if you're running heroic Gun'Drak and three of your DPS want to do the optional boss, don't just go on without them. You'll upset the DPS who are all friends, in vent together, and have the majority of the party. Democracy FTW!

(Seriously though, we wanted to do the murloc guy but the healer and tank didn't, so we went and cleared the trash to the optional boss by ourselves while the healer and tank died on trash to the last boss, then kicked the tank, followed by the healer dropping group, followed by one of my friend's going resto while the other pulled out a voidwalker, followed by us three-manning the optional boss. Good news is that by the time we got over to the trash leading to the final boss, a new healer and tank joined and we finished off the instance. Hooray! )

Moral of the story: don't be inconsiderate if 3/5ths of your party wants to do some extra boss or something like that.

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