Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Screenshots Make For Good Filler

I've been stowing some screenies away for a rainy day when I get the chance to blog on my home computer, and HARK, THAT DAY COMETH!

Oh, the subtlety of the jokes. Look at how simple my action bar is. Yay for boomkin!

A pug I was in actually reached the end of Underbog, no wai!

I was the ONLY one in the raid who still needed The Orb Whisperer, so I took some drastic measures to make sure to call for a wipe if I needed to. Funny thing is, I was the Keleseth tank, so it more-or-less rested on me to not screw the pooch on the achievement.

Sometimes the scenery is quite beautiful. I believe this is looking out from Dalaran.

Oh Toog... to be fair, we were ALL pretty cocky walking into Algalon. Took us a decent amount of tries to down him though, still a tough fight if you've never seen the mechanics.

Apparently, this decorative floaty thingy doubles as an interstellar signaling device. Shocking. Heh.

A moment when TidyPlates sucks. Hello graphic lag.

During a wipe on an alt ICC 10m run, I decided to hop in a portal to see what all the healers were hiding from me. Really not as cool as I thought it would be.

Last but not least, my Wind Rider Cub from Ferarro's contest finally arrived! Big thanks to her being so accommodating and helpful, and generous of course! Every time I look over he's perpetually in the middle of waving at me, so I wave right back at him. Haven't thought of a name yet, but I just got him yesterday so it's all good.

Until next time!

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