Friday, March 19, 2010

Using that Mace: Gunship Battle

Oh snap, and here we are at boss encounter numero tres: Gunship Battle. Let's do a quick recap:

You've boned Marrowgar,

You've silently told (ah, whisper, get it?) the Lady that she's dead,

And now you're on the elevator.

When you reach the top, you should be facing a group of Alliance NPCs battling some Horde NPCs. Why can't we all just get along??? Come on, guys, group hug.

Yeah, I know, fat chance. Well, target the healers first, but still just cleave, cleave, cleave. There's a lot of cleave contained within Icecrown Citadel; you just have to juice that melon until you're left with dried out rind. You know what that rind is? The pile of dead bosses left in your juicy wake. Yup.

Ok, so I suck at photo editing. Let's continue.

If you take a right at the T intersection (which you should), then you'll only encounter two packs of these faction-specific trash mobs and a frost wyrm before you reach the gangway to the Gunship.


This is one of the more unique boss encounters I have experienced this expansion. One part vehicular combat, one part tank n' spank with a twist of lime is how I'd describe this encounter.

The first thing (VERY first thing) you want to do when you get aboard your faction's gunship (either Orgrim's Hammer or the Skybreaker) is to grab a rocket pack from Zafod Boombox, equip it, and bind it to a hotkey. I don't care if your raid leader says you're going to stay on the ship the whole time or whatever, grab one. It's epic.

What will essentially happen is that your ship takes off to travel to the Upper Spire of Icecrown Citadel and the other faction's ship meets your's and you guys duke it out for a bit. Again, WHY CAN'T WE ALL JUST GET ALONG?!

Anyway, the entire encounter can be distilled down to two phases. The first phase involves the vehicular combat and the second, the tanking and spanking. Your raid leader will assign 2 (on 10m) or 4 (on 25m) gunners, whose job will be to jump in the turret and fire on the enemy ship. If you're assigned to do this, jump in before the encounter starts and familiarize yourself with the controls.

Warning: I have never been a gunner, so I'm using second-hand info here. Please correct me if any of it is wrong or if I omitted something.Thanks to WoWWiki and Wowhead, I found the abilities for the turret.


In the turret, you pretty much have two moves at your disposal (gotta love vehicles). The first is Cannon Blast, which you'll start out firing. With each shot, heat will build up in the turret, which is where your next ability comes in, Incinerating Blast. When you reach 90 heat, or as close to 90 as you're comfortable with, use that second ability. It will consume all of the heat "charges" and fire a fiery shot at the enemy ship, inflicting quite a bit of siege damage.

Just continue pumpin' iron out of your cannon until a Skybreaker Sorcerer / Kor'kron Battle-Mage comes out and casts Below Zero on your turrets, freezing them and making them non-functional.

If you are not in the turret (and as I said earlier, I never have been), just try to avoid rocket strikes that are shown with a fancy-shmancy circle on the deck (like in the Mimiron encounter) and help out with adds spawning from a portal on your own ship.


With the turrets frozen, the priority becomes killing the caster that's channeling Below Zero on your turrets so you can get back to damaging the opposing faction's ship. If you're on the "jump team," as we call it, you will use your rocket pack to jump to the other ship. This is done by simply pressing your rocket pack hotkey, targeting a spot on the enemy ship, and clicking. Once you're over there, DPS the caster down while your tank makes sure the enemy general (either Muradin Bronzebeard or High Overlord Saurfang) doesn't cleave the cleave right out of you. When the caster is dead, just jump back over to your ship.

That's pretty much the entire encounter. Just alternate between these phases and within a few switches you'll cripple the other ship and, out of appreciation, your general will offer you some loot from the ship's armory. Good job!

Now let's see what you want to get your grubby little hands on:

On 10m,

Saronite Gargoyle Cloak  The socket bonus is nice, considering you'd probably stick a Bold Cardinal Ruby in there anyway (if you weren't going to... do it, don't question why).

Bone Drake's Enameled Boots  Some fairly nice boots, the Expertise is welcome, but the ArP can stay home and watch Tool Academy as far as I'm concerned.

On 25m,

Polar Bear Claw Bracers  BiS bracers pre-heroic ICC. GET THEM NAO!

Skeleton Lord's Circle  BiS (one of them, at least) ring pre-heroic ICC. Again, GET IT NAO!

Shadowvault Slayer's Cloak  If you're really desperate for a cloak, and for some reason, no one in your entire 25m raid wants this thing, go for it. Otherwise, hold off, there's a better cloak heading your way in the Plagueworks.

That's it for the Gunship Battle. Don't touch that dial, Deathbringer Saurfang is up next!

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