Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Reason Number 46 of Why I Shouldn't Have Children

Many of you may notice that I'm terrible at taking screenshots of action. Other bloggers are much much better at it but for some reason, when I get an achievement or something SS-worthy, my brain is just like "ohh, shiny" and I totally zone out.

Of course, I'm referring to my ICC posts lately; I'd try to put in some legit screenshots, but I've been having tryouts for this guild I'm apping to for 2 weeks now and every time I raid with them I'm trying to outshine this other ret paladin, who is actually pretty good. Even though I really want the spot, I tip my hat to you, Locien, and wish you the best of luck!

What I really wanted to talk about (briefly, as I'm still working on my ICC posts) is what I consider one of the most ideal boss fights for ret paladins seen so far this patch, and it is in none other than the Vault of Archavon.


We all should know this fight by now. In case you don't, all you need to do is:
     a) Kill the boss, and
     b) Stay alive.

Pretty simple. Stay alive by not sitting in a Frozen Orb. Kill the boss by hitting it a lot.

But this is what I love: the usual "OMG I'm out-DPSing you" ranged peoples are (or should be) too busy killing Frozen Orbs to attack the boss much, making this fight melee-favored.

For example, I was in a 25m VoA last night and, for Toravon, I was first in DPS and overall damage at roughly 7900, with another ret paladin in second at 7400. Word.

How did I do that, you ask? Well, young apprentice, when something is melee-favored, I slam my keys twice as hard to get some bigger numbers. Or I use a baby, because babies are excellent facerollers.

It works, trust me.

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