Friday, December 18, 2009

What's in a Name? Letters, Mostly

Another sleepless night for the sake of finals. Third this week. Screw college.

Life lesson: don't major in science. Two good things come out of this recommendation:

Firstly, future generations won't have to go through all the crap I've had to go through, sparing themselves a rather large portion of their sanity and, thusly, life in general.

Secondly, there won't be any new scientists to replace me, so I can end up making lots of money.

If you're an economics person and are thinking "I don't think you thought that one through, buddy," then you're right. I took an econ course once... Never again.

Onto more IMPORTANT things;

I did indeed transfer my pally back, but I did not name him AuntieJenn, Anteeegen, or AuntieJong. Sorry fellas, I just thought Auntie anything would be extremely odd to see on a male belf, oh excuse me, "male" belf. And you can't have 3 e's in a row in character names, so that takes care of the second.

No no, I let my inner and outer nerd take over when I named my character. If you can't take the suspense and really want to know what it is, go ahead and click my Armory link to the left. However, I'm not going to be updating my Blogger name (not even sure it's possible). Why? Because changing my name on here would only serve to confuse people. It's the same reason I didn't rename my blog when I stopped raiding (although I do hope to every god possible that I can raid next semester without much trouble).

So I went to run the daily random heroic after I transferred and I was matched to a group for H Pit of Saron. I, of course, was specced prot, because getting groups as ret sucks hard. There were bracers that dropped from one boss that I needed for my ret spec. However, I did not inform the group I would be rolling on them; I had been in groups previously with tanks or healers rolling on DPS gear without telling anyone, so I figured it was fine.

Of course it wasn't fine. Why would I tell this story if it was fine? God you guys are gullible.

Anyway, they drop, and I roll need. The group FREAKS OUT. I politely and succinctly inform them that ret is my main spec, and I only spec prot to get groups faster. They insist that, since I was currently prot, I should only roll on prot gear. I found that idea ignorant, and chose to laugh at it, as it's a heroic and can be run daily for the drop, a point I also calmly conveyed to them. Apparently one of them had a character on my server and said he was going to go on TL and say that I was a ninja. Oh noes, heroic ninja for my actual main spec, I'm scurred.

This is the point that I found quite hilarious:

He said he was going to report me for "disobeying the loot rules," and that not only would I get the bracers taken away from me, I'd get banned for this offense.

Curious to see if this was possible, I did some research and, as it turns out, no you can't. That's straight from Blizz. Cash money.

Furthermore, I'm disputing the fact that I even WAS being a ninja-
  • Ret is my main spec; hell, it's even my first spec of my dual specs which, when looked at on the Armory, appears to be my main spec.
  • My ret gear is better, overall, than my prot gear (although my prot set is catching up quickly, sadly).
  • I know ret inside and out (i.e. much better than I know prot), including writing a blog with at least a few informative posts on ret gearing, talenting, etc.
But just because I was SPECCED prot and tanked the heroic, they say I can't roll on an item I need? Bull.

But what do you guys think? I mean, sure, I could have informed them that I'd be rolling on ret-type gear, but I run so many random heroics that to do so becomes tedious, and in literally every other heroic, no one cares.

< /rant >


  1. Every group I've ever been in greeds or disenchants EVERYTHING! Doesn't matter if they can use it or not. It's gold if it isn't mats.

    So the only solution is to NEED on anything you can use for your offspec otherwise some scrub is going to get the item and vendor it.

    However, I would disagree with you on Ret being your main spec. Every pug run I've ever been in, whether raid or 5-man, your "main" spec is determined by whatever spec you are currently in. You're supposed to announce if you want to roll otherwise.

    In the 5-mans I've been in it is considered common courtesy for a tank to wait until the dps decide if they need the item before rolling. If they don't, then the tank rolls. This applies for all other combos as well i.e. dps/heals.

    So I would advise either announcing at the beginning, allowing others or yourself to leave group if you want, or just wait for dps to see if they need first.

  2. I've come across the same "rule" in 5 mans where a tank waits for the dps to pass. But at the same time, it's 5 man loot. Big deal. Unless someone rolls need on everything or on weird things, it doesn't really matter.

    It's like when people get upset about frozen orbs. Frozen orbs go for less than 10g on the AH, have nearly 1g deposit and don't sell very well. So the most you're going to get out of them is 5g from a vendor. You'll get more than that from the greys you pick up.

  3. Oh and btw, having had several biochem courses shoved down my throat lately, I find the name Lysogen to be adorable.

    Are you a biochem major?

  4. I think you are OK on the bracers, since occassionally rolling need on offspec is OK if you aren't sure the item will be DE'd instead: always better to save the item and work it out afterward. It's a good idea to make a macro that announces you will be rolling on dps gear. If they don't like it, they can find another tank. (hahahahhaah yeah like there are any tanks)

  5. @kyrilean and Hatch: Yeah, I will definitely be announcing if I need any gear for OS's from now on, because while it's JUST a heroic, I legitimately feel bad about it. Kinda.

    @Ophelie: I am indeed a biochem major, just had to stay up all night to work on a portfolio for my Bioinformatics class... Yuck. Still not done, in fact.

  6. You are a rule violating ninja...I didn't think this through at all. I just blurted that out just to disagree with you.

  7. By the way, Jong, you need to stop deleting posts. I was a paragraph into your Ret DPS in ICC post when I had to close my browser to work on something, and when I came back, it was nowhere to be found.

    Speaking of work, I have yet to finish my Bioinformatics portfolio... I hate finals.