Monday, December 21, 2009

The Real "Cold Snap"

You know, I was going to include a small excerpt of last night's Daily Show, where Jon Stewart talks about Gretchen Carlson and how she dumbs herself down for no good reason at all, but all of the clips I found on YouTube were some more-than-likely NSFW videos about her... physical attractiveness. I use that word carefully, simply because any woman who thinks an ignoramus (by definition in the English language) is an ignorant lawyer has had her physical beauty negated by her intellectual vacuum.

Actually, I'm sure she saw something about the 17th century play Ignoramus when looking up this definition, in which the main character was an ignorant lawyer. Shocking, I know. Dictionaries are hard to use.


Few experiences in my life quite parallel the feeling I get every time I go snowboarding. I confront the bitter cold and harsh wind with optimism, embracing it as a sign that today is not a day for labwork or deadlines. The anticipation of riding the lift to the top of the hill is rivaled only when I'm sitting on the cusp of the run in front of me, where taking one jump forward would send me full throttle into a white world, zigzagging through the snow-dusted trees and ski chalets. Once I throw myself over the edge and into this almost surreal realm, I am committed; the mountain will throw at me what it will, and reacting is as much a thrill as it is a necessity.

A truly amazing WoW experience successfully captures these emotions and distills them into an intellectual beverage for your enjoyment. So many fight mechanics are tank and spank, hit the boss enough until he dies or gives up, that when we encounter the rare "gimmick" encounter, we are more annoyed than refreshed. We have become accustomed to so much; it's easy to forget the feelings of awe and wonderment we experienced the first time we witnessed the Sapphiron encounter, as the dragon constructed itself out of the scattered bones on the floor, or the sense of serendipity and relief when crowd control, Mass Dispelling, kiting, interrupts, heals, and all-out burst worked out just right on the Faction Champions encounter.

Remember and cherish these moments, and recognize that your progress into ICC will undoubtedly produce similar memories and ecstatic moments.

Safe and happy holidays, readers!

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