Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Back in Belf

Long story short, I had to quit for a while because of school. I'm on an indefinite leave from raiding for the same reason, but I came back to play here and there because I love this game and I can find other ways to enjoy it than just raiding. Anyway, when I came back after a couple months MIA, my entire raiding guild had transferred and faction-changed. Talk about impulsive...

I'm not really bitter about it though. If you really want to do something, do it, and I'm pretty live and let live. I hope they're doing well, storming ICC and causing a ruckus in the Lich King's pantries and broom closets.

So I decided to transfer back to TL. I miss playing with friends, and I miss Orgrimmar. Ironforge was cool, but Org just has a familiarity to it.

I also missed the belfocity of being a belf. I went "male" in memory of Jong's belf pally. Each frosted tip is a testament to your belf-legacy, sir.

So I propose to you readers: what shall I name my pally now? Macht is taken (the name I had on AP) and Antigen was flagged for a rename for some stupid reason. Throw any ideas in the comments section below, don't be shy!


  1. Anteeegen. That way, no one has any doubt which syllable to accentuate.

  2. AuntyJong.... Well if it's in honor of Jong, and all Belfs look like girls, just some have a husky voice, it might as well be AuntyJong.

    Yes the use of "it" is intentional... How do you know it is a he with it's pants on?

  3. Bloody word verification... Grrrrr