Thursday, August 6, 2009

Oh Mah Gawd, I'm So Talented!

**Just a quick notice: I will be making an addendum for the gear guide concerning the 3.2 changes. Gotta love the ability to farm heroics for T8.5... I know I do! Got the last 4 Emblems of Conquest for my helm that way.**

So now that 3.2 has hit, let's cover some talents. You got the gear, you shiny-ed it all up (as the Oracles would say), but you're wondering what boxes to click and how often in your talent trees. I'm not going to lie, it's pretty straight forward. You're picking up almost every talent in the Retribution tree, so many, in fact, you could probably close your eyes and click wildly and be fairly accurate.

I'm kidding, don't do that. We wouldn't want points in Deflection, now would we?

Basically, there are 4 spells you'll be getting from your spec that will prove invaluable (well, some more than others):

Crusader Strike: the whore you're cheating on Judgement with, CS's nerf in 3.2 isn't so much a nerf for PvE as it is for PvP, so don't fret. Just hit those keybinds HARDER to compensate for the shortened cooldown.

Divine Storm: pretty much a Ret Whirlwind, except it heals. A tiny amount. Who cares about heals though, it is one of our two (yes, fuckin' 2) AoE abilities that isn't Undead-specific. Thanks again, Blizzard.

Repentence: for PvE, one of the most easily-breakable and hard-to-apply-without-getting-owned CCs out there, in my opinion. If you 'fart in the general direction' of the mob, it'll break. Thinkin' about what that Vyrkul has under her battle armor? It's gonna break.

Divine Sacrifice: this button is the chance for the Ret pally to say "Hey, I'm helping you healers! No more emo-SoB damage AND I can absorb a lot of raid damage if I use this correctly!!!"

By the way, correctly = use after popping Divine Shield, otherwise you'll die and won't soak up as much damage.

Now that you've been introduced to the team, here's a standard raiding build you'll want to plug in. Go ahead, I'll wait.

What about glyphs, you say? Already taken care of in the linked build above. If you are expertise capped, you COULD sub out Seal of Vengeance for Exorcism, but if you're like me and don't gem or enchant for expertise (and you really shouldn't, as it will come with gear), this glyph is helpful.

The minor glyphs I threw in there are just my recommendations; none of those will up your DPS or anything.

- I constantly keep a BoM on myself while doing dailies and heroics and whatnot, so this'll save you some reagents as it'll last the same amount of time as the Greater Blessings.

- The Kings glyph is in there because I find myself Kings-ing a lot of people in my raid that don't want my sexy Imp Might.

- And Lay on Hands? Just an emergency heal, and lowering the CD on an emergency heal is a good thing.

If you're clearing Naxx a lot still, grab Sense Undead and keep it up on your tracking for the whole raid. 1% more damage to almost every mob in there = MOAR DPS!!11!one!


That mouse is frickin' GOOD, by the way. Alright, 'nuff said, I'm out.

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