Tuesday, August 4, 2009

3.2: Blizzard Strikes Back

I REALLY don't want to go through all of the changes (even the paladin ones); class and content changes have been beaten with a dead horse into a bloody pulp and put into a blender with razor blades. If you want a concise list of changes, both to the paladin class and overall content, I'd suggest Ferarro's post. For all mah brotha (and sista, don't be trippin') rets out there, she sums everything up fairly well in one sentence:

"Very heavy, very severe PvP nerfs with a slight bump in raid DPS; So basically, exactly what Blizzard was aiming for."

Oh yes, I remember the days of grinding 2v2's with my Titansteel strapped to my back, and I remember both laughing and scratching my head when I'd RNG some poorly-undergeared individual in an Arena match. Well chaps, no longer. Go ahead and toss a point back into Seal of Command; chances are you won't like it, though.


Anyway, between all the JoJ gap-closer jokes (it still cracks me up) and begrudgingly doing Sons dailies, I've managed to do a few other things, which I have conveniently summed up in some screenies below, provided I can get them to work:

I don't think my guild leader appreciated me hogging her tiger.

PuG-ed an 8-man Naxx achievement run, got Undying, t'was epic.

We then went on to 6-man Sarth, and I found this situation fairly hilarious.


Well, that's all for today, I'm going to try to get on WoW now, although my realm very well may still be down. Nothin' but love.


  1. It gets a lot more fun when you 8-man 25-man sarth, promises

  2. Not to take this totally off topic, but wasn't Ferraro outed as a guy?

  3. Actually, I think the person/people that wrote up the post I linked above are friends of Ferarro's that took over her blog while she went on 'vacation' or something (according to another post on Paladin Schmaladin), but as to Ferarro herself...

    God I hope not.