Friday, August 7, 2009

Optimizing Your Pre-Raid Gear a la 3.2

So, 3.2 introduced the revamped Emblem system that allows players running Heroics to pick up Emblems of Conquest off of bosses and 2 Emblems of Triumph for completing the daily heroic. Wow. Now is a GREAT time to be gearing up a fledgling.... well, anything really. But we (and by we, I mean me) here at Haz Mace, Will Raid provide our (my) services to the discerning and fashionable retribution paladins of yore.

I have arduously, painstakingly, and effortlessly (wait, what?) gone through some lists of gear available from the Emblem of Conquest and Emblem of Triumph vendors and compiled a gaggle of gear for you to grind out.


First up, your tier.

Conqueror's Aegis Helm = 58 Emblems of Conquest

Conqueror's Aegis Battleplate = 58 Emblems of Conquest

Followed, of course, by the rest of the plate that we want from the vendor.

Belt of the Singing Blade = 28 Emblems of Conquest

Bladebreaker Gauntlets = 28 Emblems of Conquest

Legplates of the Violet Champion = 39 Emblems of Conquest

Spiked Battleguard Choker = 19 Emblems of Conquest

That comes to a total of 230 Emblems of Conquest. Assuming an average of 4 bosses per heroic (some have more, some less), that's 57.5, or 58 heroics to farm.


The only way a pre-raider can get these emblems is from doing the daily heroic, which awards 2 Emblems of Triumph upon turn-in. Therefore, these babies are to be cherished and loved until you have to let them go to the vendor, who probably shoves them in her [Fanny Pack of the Twisting Nether].

The very first thing I suggest you buy from the Emblem of Triumph vendor is this little number:

Libram of Valiance = 25 Emblems of Triumph

After that, I'd pick these up in no particular order:

Shoulderplates of Trembling Rage*= 45 Emblems of Triumph

Bloodshed Band = 35 Emblems of Triumph

However, these Emblems are going to be a scarce commodity, so spend them wisely.

*Yeah, Wowhead has these things as "Pauldrons of Trembling Rage." Typo, OR these could be the Alliance version.

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