Wednesday, August 19, 2009

King Wrynn Must Troll AJ

Tried to open too many programs at once and Firefox cried uncle.

Me in my tanking set (kind of outdated now, but it's all gravy) and Jeeves in his rockety goodness.

The JC shop in Dalaran the day of 3.2. Where's Antigen? Here's a clue: I'm NOT wearing red and white.

If you can read that, then you must be mad. I am. Nerf ferals, kthx. How DARE they have bigger numbers than I do!

My favorite part of the new Trial encounter. Did we down it? No, we got shit on. Why? Our priest DC'ed and never came back, among other things.

Finally got the Dragonhawk from Champion's Seals. Worth it? Better than that sickly-pale drake I was riding around.

Ahhhh, those shoulders. Now to just get T8/8.5 gloves and it won't look like I'm washing dishes no mo'.


  1. Shoulders look awesome. I think you should swap out helm/chest to t7, just so you can have one of t7, t7.5, t8, t8.5, and t9.

  2. I was thinking of eliminating any version of the number 7 and going with T9 gloves next, just the ones from Triumph badges. Certainly, they're not as ugly.