Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I Thunk, Therefore I Are... and Sometimes It Hurts

I apologize to any that have been reading this blog lately and have found it lacking in prolificacy; I've been trying to be more competent at work than "the NMR data looks... good."

Besides, there hasn't been a whole lot happening in my World of Warcraft to write about. I've been farming Champion's Seals for the Dragonhawk mount that I got this morning, and Emblems of Triumph for my second level T9 shoulders which I'll get tonight. I'll post some screenies later tonight, don't fret.

I've been running 10man Trial and Ulduar with a different guild lately because my current guild doesn't seem to want to invite me to any of their three 10man groups. If I found better shoulders than these for my tanking set, I might be persuaded to start a 10man in my guild and tank it; alas, I have not been so blessed.

We had a guild meeting after our (thank God) successful 25man Trial run. The officers and guild leader addressed concerns about standbys and whatnot. Lots of people were kinda upset about being on 'back-up' duty for 25 mans (some actually left the guild), but the fact of the matter is that we are trying to progress, so the management looks for the best we can offer. Apparently I'm counted among those, as I was placed on our "permanent" 25man roster for DPS. Woot? Yes, woot!

Anyway, gentle readers, just be patient and have faith that the screenies will come. There will be many.

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