Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Cataclysm of the Texas Ranger

I hate jumping on bandwagons, but I have to say something that I'm not sure many people have discussed about Cataclysm. According to WoW.com,

"The Barrens is cleft in twain, with an enormous volcanic fissure splitting it into two different zones."

"Cleft in twain" means "cut in halfsies." Just an FYI.

For any Horde veteran such as myself, this can only prompt one question: which zone will have more Chuck Norris jokes?


Immaturity aside, I was reading a few of my blogs this morning (I was out from work both Friday and Monday, so strangely I forgot about this magical blogosphere) and I found an interesting post over at Critical QQ. Actually, his post references a post at Greedy Goblin, but we don't need to get into that much detail.

Euripedes argues that skill makes the player, not gear, and nothing could be more accurate. I was PuGing my heart out this weekend on my Frost DW DK that just hit 80 and, yes, I was rockin' two BoA weapons, BoA shoulders, and BoA chestpiece.

First, let me tell you, that shit's ugly. The 20% XP bonus is the only thing keeping me from tossing that plate into a river of molten lead.

Back on topic, with that setup and some quest greens, I was pulling about 2k dps on trash and 2.5k dps on bosses in just about every heroic. I almost got laughed out of a heroic VH for having 16k health (don't get me wrong, I find it pathetic too), but I pulled 2.9k dps on Cyanigosa. 'Sup son?

How is that possible, you may ask? Is Frost DW that OP? Perhaps. But I wouldn't be anywhere near those levels of DPS if I had no idea how to play the spec. Applying diseases, Obliterating your heart out, knowing when to Blood Strike to build Runic Power, then dumping that Runic Power in Frost Strikes, watching for Rime and Killing Machine to proc together so I can get a free Howling Blast that crits automatically, all the while making sure your diseases don't drop because then your Oblits hit as weak as George Lucas hitting any clothing store that doesn't carry plaid. And that, my friends, is pretty damn weak.

Therefore, if you see a lack of achievements on my Armory or if you, for some reason, play on Thunderlord and don't see me on, I'm probably on my DK. I'll throw up an Armory link for my DK so you can laugh at her. Oh, and yes, it's a Blood Elf female.

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  1. "Cleft in twain" means "cut in halfsies." Thanks. I'm gonna run over to the deli so I can use my new vocabularies in a sentence. Hi, I'll take the tuna melt with provolon. Cleft in twain please.