Wednesday, August 26, 2009

On Val'kyrs' Wings

I got invited to a 10-man Trial and Ulduar group last night (in my own guild, no less), the first 10-man group in our guild to face the new Trial boss, the Val'kyr Twins, or Twin Val'kyrs, whatever. After one-shotting the new boss, I have one question for Blizzard:

Are you serious?

I suppose if you don't have DBM, the fight might be a little challenging. Raid damage was almost non-existant, and it seemed like the damage the tanks were taking was pretty pathetic as well. If you could gather up enough balls to stack their buff to 100, you got a Bloodlust-y effect that let you rip more evil angel face.

The fight seems to be one that weeds out the chimps from the chumps, i.e. a chimp could figure out that opposite colors probably are bad for you and for the boss, so as long as you stay away from floating orbs of black when you're white and you're hitting the black boss, easy mode. Maybe that's giving chimps a lot of credit, but they have the strength of 8 men, so OF COURSE I'm going to stroke their egos.

Like any good ret paladin would do, I was browsing the loot table for the Twins while we were going over strats or something that seemed important and I noticed this: Edge of Agony. I started salivating over the thought of a new weapon without Resilience on it when I realized it had WAY too much Agility on it, and no Strength, and ArP, of all stats. I then started to sob gently into my QQ pillow, wondering why Blizzard had teased me with a hunter weapon that was so tantalizing.

When all was said and done, I had enough badges to get my 2-piece T9: Liadrin's Gauntlets of Conquest. I would've waited for a Trophy so I could get 9.25, but apparently they're being distributed evenly, so people who have already received a Trophy (i.e. me) can't get one until all 24 other raiders do. Where's that pillow...


  1. "Where's that pillow..." rofl

    When are they coming out with s7 weapons?

  2. I'm not sure when S7 is starting, but for me to get the newer version of my mace, I'd have to get a 3v3 or 5v5... yuck.

    Here's the new mace, btw: