Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Birth of an In-Joke

So, apparently, "next week" to me means "the NEXT next week." With Rhi back at the helm of our 25m, we charged through Icecrown our first night, knocking out 7/12, leaving Plagueworks and Sindy up. Last night, we went in, knocked out Plagueworks within 45 minutes, leaving a little over 2 hours for attempts on the ole Ice Queen herself.

We had a few especially good bits of progression; namely, the air phases. Up until now, we've had trouble coordinating tomb DPS and, in some cases, line-of-sighting the frost bombs (especially that first one, it's a quickie). Last night our raid showed phenomenal improvement in those areas, with only a few exceptions. We had attempts where no one died at all during air phases, whether it be to frost bombs or asphyxiation. The lowest we got the old gal was to 13% I believe, which is a decent improvement from last week's 22%. 

Finally, we come to the real inspiration behind this post. 

Once upon a time, there lived a death knight named Morvain. Well, since he's a death knight, it's more like "there unlived," but you get the point. He was in the guild Enveloping Shadows, a group of ruffians and pally bloggers bent on killing things and stealing things from their bodies. This band of Scourge fodder strolled into Icecrown Citadel in order to defeat the terrible Lich King and his many sundry minions. Anywho, they finally cleared a swath through the dread citadel until they reach the perch of none other than the Queen of the Frostbrood, Sindragosa! Prime-consort to Malygos in life, she now served Arthas in undeath, and was preventing our heroes from getting phat lewtz, so they decided that her unlife must end. 

She threw all of her frost magic at ES, killing them over and over since, apparently, one death was not enough for this crew. Sindy, as her friends tend to call her, grew tired of this charade and decided to have a little fun while they flailed their pathetic magic at her. She reached out with her powers and was able to possess Morvain's cat. While the raiders swung their swords and threw things at her in Icecrown Citadel, Sindy was stalking the halls of Morvain's house, enjoying her newfound freedom. Slowly, quietly, she entered the room where Morvain played. She lurked about, observing the death knight spamming Frost Strike, waiting for the right opportunity. Sindy could sense that the heroes were getting close... too close to ending her, once and for all. 

Well, until the next reset, at least.

This is an actual picture of Morvain's cat. I hope he doesn't send it to my house to interrupt my raiding experiences as punishment for posting this picture; my (kinda) epic screenshot got resolution-cleaved by Blogger overnight. 

With her health draining, she knew she must act. Through a sheer force of will, Sindy reached out from the cat and touched Morvain's mind, entrancing him, binding him to the cat like when you see something really really disgusting but it's just so captivating you can't look away. As Morvain was busy being enthralled by his cat, he ran into two other people and all three were entombed in ice. Snapping back to reality, Morvain admitted the mistake was caused because he was "looking at his cat," and the following hysterical laughter on Vent got more people frozen, which led to one of the most hilarious wipes I've experienced during my stay in ES thus far.

What's funny is that the aforementioned wipe happened when we switched the difficulty from heroic back to normal, as well as the raid's attitude from "cautious" to "nonchalant." The link leads to Ana's Twitter, where she linked a screenshot of the whole mess.

In parting, here is a quote from Mr. Rogers (of all people, why I chose him is beyond my comprehension) that I believe illustrates the relationship between our poor death knight and his cat:
"There's only one person in the whole world like you, and I like you so much. Meow meow meow so much. Bye bye."


  1. I like to think of it as the cat is like the Mr. Bigglesworth to Morvain's Kel'Thuzad, personally.

    In any case, Morvain's been raiding absolutely doped off his gourd for the past two days thanks to his tooth troubles, so I'm willing to him some slack. The cat however will not be so lucky.

  2. When Morvain gets angry, Morvain's cat gets upset. And when Morvain's cat gets upset... people DIE!

  3. I am dying about this cat story. This poor Morvain. I'm guessing whenever he dies, pulls aggro, or does anything even slightly incorrect the jeers and CATcalls will be quick in coming! So funny. Especially because it wasn't something specific like letting his cat out, or cat was clawing the couch, or anything. Just...looking at this cat.

  4. Haha, best retelling ever. In other news, I need a blog.