Sunday, December 13, 2009

3.3 and Me, Oh Em Gee, Pee Vee Eee

I'd have to say the thing I was MOST excited about when I logged in on patch day was that my Silver Covenant Hippogryph can walk! Thank you, Blizzard, for restoring my poor bird-lion's legs. Although I think they might have destroyed it's ability to run without looking like it's trying to swim through air.

With the new cross-server LFG system, I figured (so naively) that finding a heroic as an OMGSICK ret pally was gonna be super easy. Yeah, that didn't quite work out well. See, DPS quality is not a factor in the decisions for ANYTHING, as I'm sure many of you have figured out by now (poor, poor Darraxus). So I specced prot... and stayed prot.

I even changed my offspec to holy to try to start healing. But we'll see about that one, I'm still not sure I can bear THAT much responsibility. If only someone would've told my friend before he wanted me to look after his cat...

I think this could be made into a movie, but I'm kinda torn on who would portray my paladin. Would it be an actress, because I always play female characters (easier on the eyes, here's looking at you Draenei male), or an actor, because I'm actually a guy? I could go for an androgenous actor... Nah.

"A ret paladin, clinging to the edge of society as a DPS, is forced to roll prot and tank face in some PuGs. Saddened as his roles in life have completely changed, he still somehow outDPSs 75% of PuGs he joins. Even more saddened, he sets his paladin on auto-attack while he gets up to make a sandwich. After he returns with a delicious peanut butter and honey sandwich and a tall glass of milk, the fact that he still has aggro throws him onto the verge of depression, down the twisting spiral of despair over the state of cluelessness and ineptitude among his brethren. Just then, a radical transformation occurs..."

I am paladin, hear me rawr.



  1. That's a cool tabard.

    Isn't hyppogryph a bird-horse? I'm so sad that I had to scroll up to see how to spell hyppogryph.

  2. I believe you could be correct; a gryphon (sp?) is a lion-bat thing, whereas a hippogryph is a horse-bird.

    Still though, the way it "be leanin'" when it's running is reminiscent of the way hawkstriders run...

    For some reason, it just bugs me.