Thursday, November 5, 2009

I Cracked Like That Stupid Egg That Never Gives Me A Proto

Yup, I played. Correction: I am playing. Well, not at this moment. But I think I'm going to play a little here and there. Level an alt, probably. Why? It's the easiest thing to manage time with. Unfortunately I can't really return to a full raid schedule, but at least I can still play.

I know what you're thinking: oh my GOD this guy is ridiculous, he's leaving, then he's playing again, then he's playing a little, then he's raiding, then he's leaving again; ok, maybe you're not thinking that EXACTLY, but I'm sure it's on the same wavelength. The truth is, I love this game. Just giving it up cold turkey, while not that difficult, definitely took it's toll on my sanity.

That, and I was getting WAY too good at Halo 3 (Killing Frenzy on Team Snipers? Ridiculous.).

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  1. wb

    Full raid time is hard, but you can probably do arena and stuff. S8 set looks way better than T10.