Wednesday, September 9, 2009

WTB Free Time, PST

Busy busy busy...

Let me recap the past week or two for you guys:

- Guild downed Anub'arak in both my 10-man and our 25-man
- Participated in a Yogg kill for the first time as a sub in a different 10-man (same guild though)
- Packing up, then moving into my apartment on campus
- Being sick for a couple days and have it be worse than it should've been due to alcohol and simple exhaustion

So those are my excuses for leaving this blog a barren wasteland; take them or leave them.

In WoW news, I might be transferring servers/faction for a new guild. My current guild is alright, don't get me wrong, it's just that they don't really give a shit about hard modes, or even Ulduar anymore. The Yogg kill I got was with the more serious 10-man in our guild that is already full.

Sad face.

But yeah, that's $55, which is a decent amount of coin. And there's the 'I'd feel guilty for leaving my current guild' stuff, because they've been really great, but they're not heading in a direction that I agree with, and the game is only a game if you enjoy it...

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