Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Snazzing Up That Pre-Raid Gear

I love putting random pictures into every post and trying to tie it into the subject of that particular work. Today, however, I think I'm just going to throw something at you. Why? No reason. Mainly because I CAN. Enjoy!


So I promised you guys some sick enchants to throw on that pre-raid gear of yours. Well, let's see if I meet the requirements to write this up:

- Am I extremely bored? Check.
- Do I have a lot of free time at the moment? Check.
- Have I read every blog on my blog list over and over? Check.

Alrighty then, let's get started.

The best head enchant (which are called Arcanums, by the way) that is available for melee dps is Arcanum of Torment, available from the Knights of the Ebon Blade at Revered standing. That's right, boys and girls, even after you put Yoggy through a meat grinder, you still won't find a better arcanum. Hoorah!

If rep grinds aren't your thing, you can grab Arcanum of Triumph from the Wintergrasp vendors.

Oh how ironic it is that I am instructing you, the reader, to grind rep when I'm too lazy to grind out the necessary rep for this bad boy: Greater Inscription of the Axe. I take solace in the fact that I at least have this inscription's little brother, Lesser Inscription of the Axe. I hope it's painfully obvious that the GREATER inscription is better, but if it isn't... well, here's a simple math equation:

Greater Inscription of the Axe >> Lesser Inscription of the Axe

(The ">>" means "much greater," by the way. Neat, eh?)

Again, if you're allergic to rep grinds, Inscription of Triumph from Wintergrasp is a worthy substitute, except for that pesky resil.

Yay, an actual enchant this time! If you followed my previous post on pre-raid gear and got one of those chestpieces, or maybe something at the same level, there is really no reason to waste Abyss Crystals on enchanting it. I mean, the whole reason behind getting that gear is to replace it with better gear from your raiding escapades (with the possible exception of the BoE epics I highlighted). Therefore, I recommend you slap a Super Stats on that chestpiece. 'Nuff said.

While Greater Assault doesn't require Abyss Crystals, it does require a LOT of Infinite Dust and Greater Cosmics. Go with Striking instead.

Unless you opted into the Wristbands of the Sentinel Huntress that I recommended, that is. In your case, I'd throw Greater Assault on them, since you PROBABLY won't replace them very soon.

If you were lucky/rich enough to pick up Zeliek's Gauntlets, throw Crusher on those things.

No purples? Stick Greater Assault on 'em. Odd how the better Wrath enchant for bracers is the same name as the lesser Wrath enchant for gloves. Thanks, Blizzard.

*A quick sidenote: in these choices, I am making the assumption (which I feel is fairly justified) that if you have any of the BoE epics I suggested in my previous post, you must have some deep pockets. If this assumption, as it applies to you, is incorrect, please feel free to ignore the higher level enchants and go with the cheaper versions.

Eternal Belt Buckle, obviously. Throw a Bold in there too. Or whatever gem you need to fulfill your meta.

While we're on the topic of belts, Amber over at I Like Bubbles discusses belt design (or rather, the lack thereof) and makes one wonder why Blizzard ever made them visible in the first place. Good post though, got some 'lulz' out of me.

Two options here, depending on how much of a cheap bastard you are. Icescale Leg Armor for the average Joesph (around 150-200g for all the mats, I know Arctic Furs and Frozen Orbs fluctuate on my server), Nerubian Leg Armor for the Tiny Tim (I have no idea, maybe 15-20g total?).

A decision that doesn't involve how much money you want to throw around, yes! Icewalker is good if you need hit, otherwise get Assault.

Ok ok, if you went for the BoE epics (ESPECIALLY the Battlelord's Plate Boots) don't skimp; get Greater Assault.

If you're an Enchanter, you have this option. Seriously though, you have THREE options: AP, SP, or Stam. Assault. All I have to say on that.

**Another quick sidenote: I am getting sick of seeing Assault on everything having to do with AP. Seriously, Blizzard, buy a thesaurus.

I would say any 2h weapon (is there any other kind of weapon?) with under 200 dps should get a Greater Savagery with purchase. Some cupholders would be nice, and a tapedeck. But let's focus on one thing at a time.


Comments, compliments, suggestions? Hope it was good for you.

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