Tuesday, July 21, 2009

No fat, rocky chicks

Ever since I limited my scope (not the mouthwash), I have had some downtime in game to fill. Let's see what I've been doing to kill time between raids:

- I started doing Netherwing dailies because I always wanted one of those drakes, but after kicking Captain Skyshatter's face in, I got bored with them.

- What about Sons of Hodir dailies, you say? Don't go there. Polishing some nutjob's helmet with green ooze isn't my idea of 'fun.'

- ZG mount runs. Always come out empty-handed, but the tiger boss is good practice for fights like Mimiron.

- Heroic MGT runs for the white chicken; funny story, by the way. First run of that instance I ever did on my paladin (had to go through on Normal to get keyed for Heroic), just me and a disc priest, THE MOUNT DROPS... and I lose the roll. Got it a couple days later though, so it's all gravy baby.

- Fishing daily. The chance to get a Stormjewel is my one and only motivation for this.

- Running old school dungeons. Had some illegitimate love children with Princess Theradras in Maraudon (don't ask me the details, I was drunk and it was a dark and scary cave).

Damn you, Jack Daniels, damn you.

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