Thursday, September 2, 2010

Her 'Just Desserts' Were Actually Double Helpings of Death

Go figure. The one day I actually have work to do in the morning is the day after our big kill. Oops, I kinda spoiled it.

Heroic Sindragosa 25: Dead!

I had to "borrow" this screenshot from Rhi because mine got all crappy on Photobucket. I'll upload a couple of my own when I get home from work, though!

Anyway, the frosty queen of frost is dead, and now I can quit raging about this fight and start raging about heroic Putricide. I can see it now...
"Gorram it, green team, why is your add not dead?! You are all TERRIBLE and I'm going to write many, many blog posts about how people with the green debuff automatically have their RL Intelligence reduced by 75%!"
In all seriousity though, what a gratifying kill. You could tell that our final 'attempt' was a kill just in the way everything flowed together. No air phase deaths, clean switches, healer/tank communication, the lack of panic-y voices over Vent; everything went according to plan.

Well, other than our new shadow priest recruit getting quasi-hacked mid attempt. That wasn't too awesome, but at least he got it back right away.

Psst. That one's mine!

A heroic Conqueror's token dropped, so I threw down every last DKP I could scrounge up... and Rhi outbid me. There is one piece of good news to come out of this, however: after toppling Rhi's DKP surplus, I am now the veritable Conqueror's DKP king. Next time, my precious 277 tier, next time.

We used Rhi's strat. If you have questions, I highly suggest you go here and pepper that page with inquiries. My only regret is that the ever-skeptical individual I singled out in my last post wasn't in attendance for our victory. Phoey.

Icecrown Citadel: Revenge of the Skettis!

Also, in lesser news, unless my math is off (which wouldn't be unprecedented), this marks my 100th blog post, and just over a year since Haz Mace, Will Raid's inception!

Here's to another hundred, or perhaps more!


  1. While I too mourn that Capt. Pessimism wasn't there to eat HIS just desserts, I still find it hard to agree with you in light of the evisceration of my carefully gathered dkp pile that your engineered.

    Nonetheless, grats on one year/100 posts!

  2. While I appreciate the practicality of the "Price is Right" style of how the DKP system handles outbidding, it doesn't prevent the heartbreak when seeing someone else win that Skidoo for one extra DKP.