Thursday, July 29, 2010

Change Can Be a Good Thing

Seriously, if someone finds a muse with "Belongs to Antigen" written on it in black Sharpie, let me know. My inspiration to write and my creativity while doing so lately is severely lacking.

Anyway, I did it; I made the switch. No, not to GEICO, to Enveloping Shadows!

I had to sneak up on Rhidach and take a screenshot quick before he ran off and into a wall.

It was tough to leave Thunderlord. The people in my 10-man are awesome. I hope they forgive me and take my boomkin in my paladin's stead. He doesn't use Starfall on all the trash, I promise.

I got into Ana's 10-man on Sunday for my first taste of ES raiding. We did a full clear, with a lot of heroic modes and achievements to get both Ana and Slorail their drakes. Congrats again guys, those drakes are awesome!

By the way, yes, I was punching the Lich King while we waited for the plague to stack to 30 for Been Waiting a Long Time for This. Sadly, I did not max out my Unarmed skill.

Apparently, in ES, they pull the second drake before Sindy up the stairs and kill it in order to glitch her out so they can go over stuff with her ready to pull. Or, as in the case of our 25m, Rhi runs around with Sindy and tries to get as many people cleaved as possible in the process of reseting her!

In my first 25m run with Enveloping Shadows, we did all of Lower Spire on heroic, getting a guild first kill on heroic LDW, and finished off the evening with heroic Blood Princes.

The next night we did BQL, Rotface, and Festergut on heroic, Putricide on normal, Sindy for a few attempts on heroic but ultimately put on normal, and Lich King one-shot on normal. I was pretty impressed, to say the least.

The whole time we were raiding, the attitude never wavered from the jovial (well, when we were working on heroic LDW, Frank did pop his head up to say hello, but it wasn't too bad). If most ES raids proceed like they did over the last two nights, I think I might never leave.

A big thanks to Rhidach for the invitation to join his team and to the rest of ES for making me feel at home!


  1. What did I tell you about two male belfs standing next to each other on purpose?

    I'm glad the transfer worked out well.

  2. Ugh, I forgot my Bloodknight Unified Code of Conduct:

    "Irrespective of the intent, we are to never ever stand next to each other."


  3. For the record, I try to get Zilga cleaved so she'll sing for me, though she's refused to do it the past two weeks (despite some very clear cleaves!). I think I need a new game.

  4. Aha! Look at the two of you there next to each other. I know both of those faces well! Did you know you have the same haircut? >_>

    Congrats, I'm happy to hear you're with such a great bunch of people, Antigen. :)

  5. Rhi, there are WAY too many inside jokes in ES. I love it.

  6. That first picture. So much fabulous hair. So much. Too much. It burns us! IT BURNS US!