Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Dual Kingslayers

We finally did it. After 2 weeks of attempts, the bigger, badder, non-heroic 25m (Lich) King is dead!

We 24 and 23-manned several attempts, and let me tell you, DPS was not a problem. The 10% buff gives you so much leeway that I can't even imagine the final iteration of the buff (30%?). If there was one thing that kept tripping us up, it was:


Their proper placement and size control was a constant struggle. The tanks used the directions of "left" and "right," which got confusing when we changed positions on the platform:

Raider: "Is 'left' to the left of the Throne or to the left of where we're facing?"
Raid Leader: "..."

I told them to use polar coordinates, but noooo...

And if it wasn't defiles, it was:


It took a while for our tanks to get used to the instant spawns and seemingly-random aggro pulling of these stupid mobs. One spawned from a death knight near me and, without a consecrate down or nothin', it turned, hit me, and I died.

So, if you're having trouble, I'm guessing that cracking down on these two points will help you immensely.


  1. Congratulations man! Your guild is completely stomping ICC. Start racking up that hardmode progression!

  2. Thanks duder! Apparently they stomped out Marrowgar and Lootship HMs in 25m last night while I was offline studying; I was told they wanted a short break from pushing into 25 ICC headfirst and asslast, and I can certainly sympathize...

    Stupid school, always ruining things!