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Using that Mace: Deathbringer Saurfang

Finally, I'm gifted with the free time to finish up my Lower Spire ICC guides! Just finished with my quantum chem midterm and am a mere one day away from spring break! Unfortunately, I'll be stuck at work for the entire week I have off, but I'm a broke college student, so more money is always welcome.
Today, for your listening pleasure, I present you with some reading music. Enjoy!

So you've just blown up the other faction's gunship, now what? All hands, brace for... docking!

Ah, the entrance to the Upper Spire, there it is... why is the door closed? What could POSSIBLY stand in our way now?

Oh... the Lich King resurrected Saurfang the Younger and turned him into an evil Death Knight-ish minion. Great, just great.


Your raid should be set up in two basic groups, melee and ranged. Don't even ask me what group you should be in; bad ret, BAD.

There are two strats, that I've heard of, to deal with adds. I'll cover the whole fight assuming one strat, then go back and say what would be different for the other.

The fight starts off simple enough. You'll be hittin' Saurfang for a little bit, life is pretty simple. You don't really have to worry about the debuffs he tosses out (except for Mark of the Fallen Champion, which you'll have to be healed through or die, nothing you can really do about it so don't worry), so just keep swinging. But then, Saurfang casts a little spell called Call Blood Beast, and EXCREMENT HITS THE ROTOR!

Yes, a fan spins, grats. The Blood Beasts, when they strike players, add a stacking buff to Saurfang that increases his size and damage output, so these things should be taken down quickly.

The first strat I have encountered has melee dealing minimal AoE damage, for a number of different reasons.

First, in this scenario, the ranged will aggro and slow them, chipping away at their health slowly while making sure they don't hit anyone, thus preventing Saurfang from gaining stacks of Blood Power and easing the jobs for healers/tanks.

If you pop down a Consecration while the ranged are trying to get aggro, you'll get aggro instead, the beasts will start hitting you, and Saurfang will start stacking his buff, basically eliminating the point of the strat.

Second, the beasts have a buff called Resistant Skin, which pretty much makes AoE worthless.

Therefore, I'd recommend taking Consecration off your bar / out of your rotation for this fight, and use Divine Storm sparingly and conscientiously.

He's lookin' a little pale...

For the other strategy, which is the strategy my current guild uses, have melee take down the beasts quickly, single-targetting them and applying stuns judiciously. This should be used when you fairly outgear the encounter, basically when your DPS can take Saurfang down quickly enough before his damage becomes unhealable.

At 30% Saurfang will mini-enrage by popping Frenzy, basically decreasing the amount of time your heals can keep your tanks alive. Provided you have the DPS, you should down Saurfang soon and rejoice that you've just finished the first section of ICC!!!

Loot time? Yes, loot time!

On 10m, you're looking at:

Ramaladni's Blade of Culling  This axe is decent, except for the ArP and blue sockets (why they would EVER put blue sockets on a two-hander... oh wait, DK tanks...). All in all, use your best judgment, but if it's an upgrade, go for it.

Blade-Scored Carapace  Great chestpiece (minus the gem sockets, AGAIN), just watch out for set bonuses!

Saurfang's Cold-Forged Band  Only if no one else needs it / it's better than a ring you're currently wearing.

On 25m, here's what you're rolling on:

Conqueror's Mark of Sanctification  This is it. Literally. I know you're eyeing that Deathbringer's Will, and I don't blame you. Turning into a buffalo would be frickin' sweet, but it's just not that good. In fact, it's terrible for us. Resist the urge.

Next up (when I get some more time on my hands), the Plagueworks!

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