Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Real Paladins Wear Dresses

Just because, a long while ago, I promised a certain Bossy Pally that I'd make this post...

BAM! Sexy dress time!

I know a few paladins do not care for our leg pieces to appear as dresses. I, however, feel that it conveys a certain pomp and circumstance, an elegance in between bloody, skull-crushing swings of your weapon of choice.

What I need from you readers is your opinion: what tabard should I represent that would look the best? Our guild tabard is white and doesn't go well at all. So leave some comments with your thoughts!

Oh, and if you check out my Armory, I picked up a mace in ICC 10. That'll stave off the blog-renaming crew for now. Huzzah!


  1. Ehh.. it's also white-ish, but the only tabard I wear while PvEing besides my guild tabard (and the tabard of the Hand of Argus, because I'm a draenei pally, I have to rep my own organisation sometimes) these days is the Argent Crusader's tabard, because as a paladin raiding icecrown, its the only cause worth representing. If there was an Ashen Verdict tabard, I'd wear that.

    You could always wear the Ebon Blade tabard.

  2. I do not wear a tabard, mostly because I love me my Catacylsmic Chestguard.

    When I first saw the vast, vast amount of tanking gear available in 3.3, one piece stuck out at me as a major upgrade. "The Cat," a piece so beloved by the tanking community that it has its very own nickname, was my 4th frost badge purchase. Bonus armor. Expertise. Assloads of stam. It was my 4th badge purchase, and I counted down the days until I could nab it.

    And then, I put it on. Not only are its stats just immensely sexy and droolworthy, but - BIKINI ARMOR! YESSSSSSS!!! I had no idea! And boy, was I excited!

    Hey. I might be tanking all those mobs, but we ladies like to look good doing it. I'm not asking for a bikini, but I do like cuter models.

    And all that bonus armor concentrated on my boobs protects the most important part of my body!

    Heh... so, I don't wear a tabard.