Thursday, January 28, 2010

Justifiying the QQ

Normally, I don't like to complain. I've heard a lot of QQing in my day and it bugs the shit out of me. However, I'm afraid I must give into the temptation for now. Let me explain what happened.

It was a raid night like any other. 6:45 came, invites went out, and we rolled in there like we had something to prove. We had previously downed Rotface and Festergut, so we went to Blood Princes to get those out of the way before we put in a few attempts at Putricide (he is a mean bastard, that Professor).

After a couple wipes, everyone (myself included, as I hadn't had the time to research the fight) finally got a hang of it and, before we knew it, the Princes laid slain at our feet. Before I can even check AtlasLoot to see what drops off them, I see it linked in raid:

Holy. Sexy. Shit. Since loot is distributed by loot council, I immediately link my Furious Gladiator's Bonegrinder in raid, as is the custom, almost as a plea to the officers to give me a much-needed upgrade. A few others link their weapons too; there were a few Shadow's Edge, a Bryntoll, the Bone Arbiter, and a Dual-blade Butcher.

The owner of the Butcher whispers me and says something like, "Since it's probably down to me and you, good luck man!", to which I reply "Yeah, you too!"

Let's be honest; I did not actually want him to get that mace over me. But he doesn't know that. MUHAHAHA.

Anyway, time creeps by as the officers and GM discuss their votes in officer chat. They tell the rest of the raid to move on and clear trash while they distribute loot, so off we go. Before the first pack of trash leading to Putricide is down, I get a wall of pink text like the following:

Ok, I actually retyped that to myself and screenshoted it, but it was VERY similar to that... don't judge me.

I was a bit put off as I saw the weapon get looted to someone else, but I, not paying much attention, figured it was going to the guy that whispered me. Out of a moment of curiosity, I noticed that the name that whispered me wasn't the guy who got it, so I looked to see what weapon he could possibly have had that was worse than that new mace.

The individual in question, a Blood DK, linked his current weapon as Bryntoll, the Bone Arbiter, socketed with two Fractured Cardinal Ruby.


I sat there in a moment of blunt confusion for about a minute, then proceeded to get really pissed. How the HELL is that mace a significant upgrade for him, if it's an upgrade at all? I mean, I've heard that ArP is good for Blood DKs, but seriously?

So I decided to do some research with Rawr v2.3.8. I plugged in both characters with their appropriate upgrades, and this is what I got:

According to Rawr, I would stand to gain 507 DPS from equipping the weapon.

According to Rawr, he would stand to lose 120 DPS.

Granted, Rawr isn't a perfect tool, so I decided to dig further. The following was taken directly from the "Blood Simple - A Blood DK DPS Guide - Updated for 3.3!" thread over at EJ:

The two most important stats for Blood DKs are Strength and Armor Penetration. The general rule of thumb while gearing up is ALWAYS gem for STR, except to meet Meta gem requirements.

The following are stat weights as of 3.3 which I currently use, and feel are fairly representative.

Attack Power
Weapon DPS
Armor Penetration
Hit Rating (to cap)
Expertise Rating
Crit Rating
Haste Rating
Hit Rating (to spell hit cap)

I went and Armoried the Blood DK in question and he is completely gemmed for ArP.

Can anyone clarify this for me? And am I justified to be a little pissed off? Really pissed off?


  1. Um yeah, you are right. Bryntroll is the best weapon for a DK until hard modes, period. And then in hard modes, heroic Bryntroll is the best weapon next to Shadowmourne.

    Maybe he got the mace for his tanking offset? Still, you should have gotten the main spec upgrade instead of him. Or at least the Dual-Blade Butcher guy should have gotten it.

    Sounds like a douchey loot council.

  2. That was pretty dumb of them. I hate Loot Council for this specific reason because (I mean, I don't know your guild) but I find it hard to believe that there wasn't some serious lobbying behind the scenes to make that tragedy happen.

    If the guy with the DBB was a regular raid member it makes no sense it shouldn't go to him. Sidegrades (or in this case, downgrades) are dumb if you're trying to maximize rDPS with loot council.

    Ugh, I hate loot council.

    PS. Welcome back!

  3. you and the other guy got screwed. and you really should let the loot council know they made a bone head mistake. a dk should never of gotten cryptmaker unless they are planing to make him main tank. which should have been stated prior to that weeks raid. and the guy with shadow edge? wtf is he thinking? id start looking for a guild that uses suicide kings or epgp loot systems. they seem to be the better ones ive used.