Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The Things I Do For Shinies

The only heroic I'll do on my paladin is the daily, and only for those necessary Emblems of Triumph. I was tanking a Heroic Gun'drak, which was the daily, a couple days ago with a group composition of druid healer, hunter, warlock, and arms warrior. By the second boss (the Colossus guy), it was pretty evident how the rest of the instance was going to go; I was first in damage and DPS. While I can see that my DPS is naturally high because Shield of Righteousness 'has a Hemi in it,' I was still saddened to see that the warlock was doing 2k MAX on trash and bosses, the hunter was barely keeping up with 1.8k, and the warrior was dead last with 1.2k. The warrior admitted that he has just hit 80 the day before, but come on guys, let's get our act together here. On the bright side, at least I didn't have threat issues...

In raiding news, our raid leader had to stop playing because of RL conflicts, so one of our 10-man raid leaders stepped up and delivered. And deliver he did, as we got guild-first downs of Thorim, Mimiron, and Vezax. Go team! Extendable lockouts FTW on those. We'll be attempting Yogg next Sunday, I believe, as 25 Trial should take a little while this week, with the final encounter opening up.

The majority of my WoW time has been devoted to gearing out my DK. Let me tell you, finding a group when you have BoA shoulders on isn't so easy. People just automatically label you as a scrub and lawl you out of the group. I ran a Heroic Trial of the Champion yesterday with a couple friends and a PuG Blood DK. He laughed at my DW Frost spec, and my sub-par gear, but by the end of the instance, he had 4k dps and I had 3.1k, not nearly as low as he thought. However, when I confronted him about it, he just said I'd 'never beat him in DPS lol.' Congrats, Blood DK, you're officially an idiot who doesn't realize that his gear allows for much higher potential DPS than mine, which has a plethora of blues left (yes, I consider 4 blues a plethora). Also, at the time, I had a Titansteel MH and a Naxx 10 OH, so that didn't help the situation either.

I don't know why I did a Google search for 'ice cream,' but I'm sure glad I did. This guy kinda looks like Red Foreman from That 70's Show.

Wow, I want some of that ice cream now. Hopefully its made from frozen human.

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