Monday, July 27, 2009

Ten Gold Says I Bank My Shield Within a Week

Damn you, Thorim! You are one tricky son of a bitch. Even though you're a completely disillusioned fool, you still command enough baddies to kill 25 dedicated raiders. Multiple times. So we went and killed Freya instead.

It strikes me as odd that our raids start at 10pm server and usually end at 12:30-1am server. I have been in raids before that last at least twice as long as that. It IS nice being able to go to bed earlier, don't get me wrong, but it sometimes feels like we're spinning our tires on bosses we've already downed and not really progressing at all. Maybe this is intentional, an attempt to gear up those who need it so that we may forge ahead into content we've barely touched (Vezax/Yogg). Maybe I'll feel better when I actually get T8/8.5 outside of the Wintergrasp Welfare? Only time and my razor-thin patience will tell...

In other news, I have actually used my prot offspec... to tank something!

Don't give me that look, Thorim.

I tanked a heroic Halls of Lightning (it was both the Daily Dungeon and Heroic Daily) and, lo and behold, no wipes! I ran out of mana a lot, but I got better at managing it towards the end of the run.

Maybe someday I'll step up to raid tanking, but that seems too important of a job for a ret paladin who's used to HULK SMASH BUTTONS!!!!

No, not that Hulk...

Not... you know what, that's close enough. Good job, here's your cookie.

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