Friday, July 10, 2009

Long mornings are long

It seems that if you want the day to go by fast, it doesn't; what the hell, Father Time? You bastard.

Guild run of Naxx 25 went well last night, wiped on a trash pull before 4 Horsemen (lawl?) and three times to KT. However, KT does 2s with one of our hunters, so they teamed up and massacred the whole raid, mainly because KT hacks and got 3.2 before anyone else so his Frostbolts threw an MS on half the raid AND he was gingerly sprinkling Living Bombs on everyone. After that wipe, the hunter claimed he was 'mind controlled', but we ALL know better than that. I mean, we all died except for the hunter, and then KT despawns. That's awful suspicious.

Also picked up a Grim Toll and bathed in the tears of our only dps warrior. Hey, I still had some Nexus garbage trinket, so OF COURSE it's an upgrade. I mean, my old one was blue, and this one is all purple and shit.

I'm not even halfway through my imported Monster from the Netherlands (the Kwik-E-Mart is goin' high class these days), so I'll finish up the origins of teh retlawlbution paladin later.

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